Prucell Prussic System (Personal Anchor)

The Personal Anchor or “Personal Wanker” as a friend in the Icelandic guiding industry used to say.

The personal anchor can be a very beneficial tool in that it allows you to both secure yourself to an anchor point (bolt or screw) or use it to extend your ATC.

The Prucell Prussic is highly regarded tool due to the fact that it’s adjustable. It takes advantage of the standard 3-wrap prussic we all know so and becomes adjustable by making it on a length length of cordelette.

These are also great lobster claws for clients should you decide to throw down a fixed line.

Here is a simple illustration from the book “Technical Rescue Riggers Guide” by Rick Lipke.

Buy this book with has a massive amount of useful info beyond the Prucell Prussic System it at this link. Its also available for purchase at the Reykjavik Search and Rescue headquarters.

*One must always make sure to have a personal anchor at least 7mm in diameter…and make sure to never let go, or this may happen.