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Snow Travel and Lowering

Some of the takeaways from our training included:

  • Review video for lowering scenario, assist and rescue at this link.
  • Watch the videos on focal point knotsrope-work (including muling the munter), and a video on the 3 wrap prussic.
  • Make sure to choose an appropriate location to set up the 2-point anchor in regards to keeping a possible rescue in mind. Stay at least 2-3 meters from the edge.
  • One of the easiest strategies for rescuing a person is muling the munter, since it allows you to be hands free while the rescue setup occurs. More advanced strategies like blocking the munter with a carabiner, using a RollnLock, or any other scenario should be secondary to the standard mule.
  • In regards to snow travel – Make sure to bring a probe and do your best travel along the high point of ridges (when on the plateau of Soloheimajokull).